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Finding Cheap Airfare Tickets for your Vacation.

Finding cheap airfare tickets for your vacation is very important as you plan your next vacation. Imagine saving 25%-35% in airfare expenses as you get ready to travel to an exciting, exotic location. How exciting would that be? Cheap airfare tickets for a vacation can be found if you’re willing to do just a little research. You don’t have to be an expert at hunting down the most discount airfare, just spend a little time comparing departure dates and times.

If you’re schedule is flexible, you’ll find Cheap Airfare Tickets for your next vacation.

For example, when traveling to Madrid Spain, you’ll save a lot of money if you can go before June and after September. The summer months are the busiest. But, if you search for cheap airfare tickets for that vacation during the shoulder or off-season, you’ll find some cheap flights that will save you a lot of money. Why give that money to the airlines when you can use it for sightseeing or eating in nicer restaurants?

Spend a little time doing some research on the internet and you’ll be very excited with cheap airfare tickets offered. You’ll be in control of your vacation and how much you pay and that’ll make your vacation that much better.

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Mike Yeager

Where to Find the Best Car Hire in Spain

Spain is a spectacularly diverse country offering an extensive array of regional landscapes, cities, towns, villages and cultural hot spots which are all must visit places for any one going to the extent of hiring a car during their holiday.

Spain has a rich variety of regional foods which to be fully appreciated must be sampled whilst you are there. Whilst on vacation a hire car is often the fastest and most convenient way to visit these locations and enjoy all of the culinary fare on offer.

From Spains vast towering mountain ranges to the crystal blue seas of the Mediterranean a rental a car will mean you wont miss a thing.

Spain enjoys a celebration of life every year during the festival season, colorful vibrant Fiestas small and large alike take place in most towns and cities. From streets carpeted in flowers in Cordoba, films by the sea, to the raucous running of the bulls, and the perplexing burial of the sardine in Murcia or the rather sophisticated ballets and concerts in the gardens of Calphis there is something for every taste.

As a tourist what ever you feel like taking in can be more than easily accommodated at relatively small distances. Spain quite literally has it all on offer, Barcelona is a feast for the eyes and senses, marvel at Gaudis cathedral and art works or sit back and enjoy the hustle bustle of everyday Spanish life over a Coffee.

Madrid boasts over 50 museums, the home of the Royal family and parliament; it just doesnt get any more cosmopolitan than this. There are tropical islands, romantic hidden hill towns, Roman architecture left over from Spains colorful history. The flawless mountain ranges of the Pyrenees are perfect for a week of skiing and throughout the summer the sun streams down on mile after mile of clean white sandy beaches.

When the sun finally sets Spains effervescent medley of night life will keep you entertained until the small hours.

For those on with a slightly more flexible itinerary a hire car means you can fully appreciate what makes Spain quite so unique.

With extensive numbers of hire companies to choose from, all of which guarantee a clean affordable modern car the choice is really with the consumer. Driving in Spain is relatively simple and very much like the driving you are used to in the UK.

When it comes to cost, a hire car makes a lot of sense; think about your airport transfer, quite often this equals the cost of a weeks car hire to begin with. Then when you consider the cost of any taxis used during your stay it becomes the clear choice.

The best element of hiring a car has to be that you will get to see so many of Spains hidden treasures which would otherwise remain unknown to you. If youre on a longer vacation it can be the perfect method of getting away from resort on a day trip and soaking in the local culture.

With temperatures in summer reaching in excess of 40 degrees centigrade youll want to have a car with air-conditioning; purely because it will make your journeys more comfortable. Youre like to keep the children happier and avoid any stressful moments behind the wheel. The majority of hire cars in Spain include this but be sure to check when you book. Nothing is stopping you, go ahead book a hire car, and realise what a different type of holiday you could have been having.

World soccer dream team

The magnificent eleven

Goal keeper (1st choice) -Peter shmeichel (Rtd)

Subs-gianluigi Buffon, petr cech, Carlo Cudiccini

Surely no goalie ever matched his record saves and vital stunts that helped Manchester united to capture successive premier league crowns. His agility and drive put united on the forefront of any title challenge with his excellent saves and capability to commandeer a defense to his liking. Be it Europe or domestic. And in his footsteps is his son young shmeichel who plays for Manchester city and has already made a good name for himself by being Sven Goran Eriksson’s first choice keeper


Right back

Roberto Carlos(Olympiakos)

Need I say more?

Left back

Philip lahm (Bayern Munich)

He can run all day and is a reliable source of goal-saving tackles and pinpoint crosses. Arguably the best left back around.


Fabio Cannavarro (Real Madrid)

a great defender of all times. He proved his worth in the 2006 FIFA world cup by scooping the most valuable player of the tournament. He also scooped the European footballer of the year. His lightning speed, coupled with the strength of an ox, leaves strikers at bay. in total disillusionment and frustration

Ricardo Cavarlho.(chelsea)

Considered FC Porto’s finest defender and Chelsea’s unequaled goliath, he remains one of the strongest defenders that have shown resilience and excellent physical fitness. his good conservative tackles have never cost Chelsea a penalty since his exodus from Porto.


1. David Beckham (LA Galaxy)

Subs-Cristiano Ronaldo

An excellent ball supplier from the wings is one of the key components that make a team invincible. Coupled with his strong leadership skill on the pitch(great skipper eh!) and being a free kick specialist be sure that he will win you goals even in the dying minutes. His record at Old Trafford and Madrid speak for itself.

2. Argen robben (real Madrid)

His subs-Lionel Messi, Joe Cole

The Flying Dutchman always impresses on the ball with his neat flicks and cut-backs on the flanks. A very versatile player who can do both wings

3. Michael Ballack (Chelsea)

His sub-Frank Lampard, Zinedine Zidane, Claude Makelele

A towering presence in the mid field is needed for any goals to be delivered via the head. He is a holding mid fielder who wins balls when crucial

4. Ronaldinho Gaucho (Barcelona)

Sub-Deco, Michael Essien,

In every team there has to be a playmaker and when creativity is called for, he is the man for the job


1. Didier Drogba- Chelsea

The nice thing with him is that you can either leave him up on his own and lump balls to him or get him involved in the short-passing game. Either way, he’ll tie up entire opposing back fours on his own.

2. Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Real Madrid

And to think some numpties thought he was finished. He and Thierry Henry are the only strikers to have scored 20 or more goals in a major European league in five of the past six seasons. Put the ball anywhere near him and he’ll score. Simple as that.

Their subs- Samuel eto’o, Thierry Henry, (both of Barcelona) Ronaldo(Internazionale), Wayne Rooney(Man U), Dimitar berbatov (Totenham Hotspur)

Getting the Best Conference Venues Spain for your Special Occasion

How does one go about looking for the best conference venues in Spain? First, you have to figure out where in Spain exactly you are looking to host your event. For instance, are you looking to host the conference or event in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, or in Valencia? This should help narrow down your search for the best conference venues based on geographic location within Spain.

Secondly, you have to figure out whether to utilise the blanket corporate discounts many conference venues will offer you, or whether you want to negotiate special terms from venues that are on your short list. Blanket corporate discount packages are ideal for those who have no time to figure out new terms or conditions under which their conference should be hosted. Customised conference terms and conditions are ideal for parties who have special requirements that they are hoping their preferred conference venues can supply. You should factor in location, rate, and availability so you can get best value for money. Availability is often a crucial factor when getting the best rate because the more crowded the schedule of your preferred conference venue in Spain, the higher will be the rate set by the conference venue organisers. This is a result of supply and demand (meaning, the higher the demand for that one venue, the higher will be the price)

You might be surprised what types of places in Spain make for ideal conference venues nowadays. You can take your pick between casinos, theaters, convention centers, nightclubs, or restaurants, to start with for the ideal Spain conference venue. If these don’t pan out, then try asking around at cruise ship operators, palaces, castles, cinemas, and theme parks. Other choices of possible conference venues in Spain that you might consider are portable structures, reconditioned industrial ships, hangars, lofts, art galleries, and museums. It all depends on what you are looking from these venues.

You should also be specific as to how you want Spain’s conference venues to be jazzed up for your special event. Like, does the venue have to feature special illumination? Do you need natural light? Screens for presentations? Would you like famous people to be contacted? Any particular theme for the decoration that has to be followed? Organisers of Spain’s conference venues will probably ask you these questions to help you narrow down which of the venues has what it takes to host the special event your organisation is hosting.

Of course, a good rule of thumb which is obvious to everyone is that the bigger your preferred conference venue in Spain, the more expensive hiring them will be. The more lavish your event, the more expensive they will be to hire. And the longer your event is to last, then you can expect the rate for any of Spain’s conference venues to go up as well. But looking around carefully and being prudent about what you want will help you get the best rate possible for the venue you have in mind.

Apartment for Rent in Madrid

Apartment for rent in Madrid has always been in demand as tourists throng to the place throughout the year. They either look for an accommodate-on after their arrival in Madrid or book it online or by phone through any travel agency. sWhen you think of apartments for rent in Madrid you need to consider some important factors. Location sMake sure that your apartment for rent in Madrid is located in the residential area of the city. The availability of the shopping center, restaurants and other necessary thing in a walking distance will of a great help. At least the taxi should be available nearer to your apartment. , Safety sBeing in a secured place is some thing that should be given priority. Whether you travel alone or with your family you are taking Apartment for Rent in Madrids to feel like home being away from home. Hence, safety should be the first thing you should judge. , PrivacysThe key reason you are hiring an apartment in Madrid is for your privacy. Hence, you should ask your travel agent to select the apartment for rent in Madrid that takes care of your privacy. These days, internet has facilitated online booking of accommodation for your long or short stay in any tourist destination. Madrid, the mot popular tourist destination of Spain no wonder receives visitors every season of the year. You can contact local travel agents through their websites for reservation of your apartment for rent in Madrid. Chic Rentals take the best care to offer efficient and friendly services. Starting with its easy booking process through internet and phone to their personal being present to receive you at your arrival, every single service is meant to provide the tourist the best for their comfort. You can get suitable apartment for rent in Madrid having all the facilities that would make you feel being at home.Planning for your dream vacation is not a tough job. Just some clicks of mouse and you are done with all reservations. The essential thing is to find the reliable travel agent that should have the best solution with him for your vacation.For more information regarding Apartment for Rent in Madrid please visit

Getting To Torrevieja From Alicante

Alicante, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for travelers to the Costa Blanca region. It is situated along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southern Spain with the cities of Benidorm to its north and Torrevieja to its south. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, traveling to Alicante should not be difficult.

The best way to reach Alicante is by air and, fortunately, it has its own airport. The El Altet International Airport is only six miles from downtown Alicante. In addition to flights from various foreign countries, there are also daily flights from other cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona. Once you are at the airport, there is transportation available to help you reach your final destination in the city. If you are looking for a train, though, you should know that there is no train connection at the airport. But, considering the airport is only six miles from downtown, you can use one of the many taxis outside of the airport, the bus or a car hire company. Be sure to make an advance reservation for car hire services, as they will pick you up from the airport.

If not flying directly into the Alicante airport, you may also reach Alicante city limits by train or bus. The train system known as the tram and trenet can also take you to some of the smaller surrounding towns, including as Denia, Altea and Benidorm. Motor buses service the outlying areas to connect Alicante to the smaller towns. There is also a ferry from Algeria which will bring you into the city of Alicante. You can book the ferry through Romeu to Oran or Alegeria. Though this may be an interesting experience, it is not the most reliable method of reaching Alicante due to the potential for service interruptions at any given time.

Once you are inside the city limits of Alicante, you will find that walking is a sufficient way to get around the city due to its small size. However, taxis and the bus are available as well as car hire services if you prefer. Travelers requiring an overnight stay should have no difficulty finding appropriate accommodations. There are many hotels in the business district offering views of both the mountains on the west and the sea on the east. You can also find resorts along the beach, which are also close to the city.

Find An Apartment on Rent in Madrid

Rent has got absolutely no value when comfort is concerned. People planning for a holiday calculate their budget. When the tourists want to know the price of apartment on Rent in Madrid, Chic Rentals is the best choice for them. It has got all the provision to hire an accommodation for tourist destined to Spain during their vacations.As Madrid is one of the most adored tourist places, it is expected that visitors would be interested to know about the rents in Madrid. The place has got beautiful landscape, museum and art galleries to offer. As maximum visitors come for the first time to this place it is difficult for them to find out an accommodation for rent in Madrid. However, Chic Rentals takes every care of the vacationers to the place by selecting them apartment on hire. They let you know about the details of the apartment by fax after you fill the form through the website. Each apartment is selected on the basis of style and comfort. The cultural and artistic beauty of the place is far more valuable thing to hold on the eyes of the beholder than to think about a minor topic of rent in Madrid.Costumer service has made taken Chic Rentals to a height where it stands out among its competitors. Staying in the elegant city is a beautiful experience and the service of the company adds value to your vacations. The apartments meant for your stay are the churning outcome of comfort and style. Chic Rentals hire and fix the rent in Madrid according to the functionality of the apartments. Chic Rentals is the best solutions for the house owners who want to lease their apartments for rent in Madrid. They can contact with the company so that they can book the accommodation for people who come for holidays or business trip. Condition is that the apartments should satisfy the criteria of Chic Rentals.Confused about the rent in Madrid? You are free to ask Chic Rentals through their website.sFor more information regarding Rent in Madrid please visit

Madrid: Lodging, History And The Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain is still one of the city’s main tourist sites. Despite being victim to several fires throughout the years, the Plaza Mayor retains its appeal. This plaza is one of the best places in this capital city to relax and observe a unique blend of residents and tourists. Though there are so many attractions, tours and beautiful beaches to visit in Spain, a visit to Madrid and its Plaza Mayor should be on the list of attractions.

The Plaza Mayor has hosted many festivals, bullfights and political battles throughout the years. It has even hosted more than one beheading. A lot has happened in this historic plaza, but today you will probably be more likely to see a tourist relaxing and enjoying the sunny climate. The plaza also offers a great place for a stroll with its surrounding shops and baker’s guild.

The plaza was constructed in approximately 1790 by Phillipe III after suffering a fire. It was originally part of the efforts of Phillippe II to make Madrid the capital of the country. The statute in the center of the plaza is a reminder to visitors.

It is not a large plaza, as it is only 100m on each side. Do not let the size fool you, though. Within that small area, 50,000 people had stood at some time. This plaza has literally served as a public square, whether during one of the city’s festivals or one of Spain’s executions.

Rather than Spanish Inquisition trials, you will now find weddings. Lounging in the summer season has alternated with bullfighting. The surrounding buildings around the plaza provide a convenient place for individuals desiring to look down on whatever event is happening in the square.

During the summer season, there will be many tables are set out where are a tourist can rest and even enjoy a meal or a drink. It doesn’t matter where you sit, a waiter from a nearby restaurant will soon arrive to take your order. You can experience Madrid’s friendly atmosphere first-hand.

There are dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars along with many shops to visit. You can find antiques, coins and so many other unique items.

Of course, as with any large city, Madrid does experience some petty crime. Visitors should be sure to take appropriate cautions and remain aware of the surroundings. There is no need to be paranoid, but a little prudence goes a long way and could prevent being taken advantage of.

Today, a tourist is unlikely to observe a royal coronation, but imaging what it would have been like is not difficult. Fortunately, visitors do not need to be concerned about observing an auto de fe, a judicial sentencing seen during the Spanish Inquisition.

Madrilenos are now far more interested in enjoying the beautiful surroundings, sunny climate and life in general. Whether your lodging is on one of Spain’s beautiful beaches or in its scenic countryside, a visit to Madrid will be unforgettable with so much history, art, shopping and fun. While you are in Madrid, go ahead and join the Madrilenos in the Plaza Mayor!

Madrid, Capital of Spain Explored

Spain’s capital, a city of over 3 million people, is situated close to the geographical centre of the country.

Madrid is fascinating, highly intriguing with wonderfully interesting people. There are those who sarcastically referred to Madrid as Spain’s second city after Barcelona by and large those are the people that have never really got to know Madrid. Now I know Barcelona has the Cathedral, the Nou Camp Stadium and was the venue for the most recent Olympic Games to be held in Spain but to write Madrid off as Spain’s second city seems to miss the point completely.

Of course the Catalans may espouse Barcelona for its elegance and creativity but just because parts of Madrid might need the odd lick of paint here and there doesn’t mean that Madrid is any the less important or influential.

Madrid has very much the archetypal continental climate in that it has very cold winters and hot summers which means for those who don’t like extremes in temperatures the spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

There is a great deal to do in Madrid, places to go people to see and amongst the attractions, a royal palace, three internationally renowned art galleries and a great many museums filled with the treasures of the history of Spain.

Madrid like many international cities and probably more than most reflects in sections its historical past. The thing to remember with Madrid in Spain in general is that it has long been a coveted prize for foreign conquerors down throughout history. This is reflected in the area of La Latina.

La Latina is an area of Madrid quite often overlooked by the majority of tourists and visitors but it is home to the Plaza la Paja which was Madrid’s main square during medieval times.

The decline of the Moorish influence in Spain meant that this part of Madrid became known as a moreria otherwise known as an enclosed ghetto where Muslims live. Memories of a former age can still be found when you consider some off the place names such as Plaza de la Puerta de Moros and/or the historic architecture. As in most international cities with these types of areas, it is at night time that they truly come alive.

Don’t let the slightly grubby appearance from time to time and the general down at heel atmosphere confuse you this is an international capital city with all that that entails. This is an attitude that has some merit.

North of the city you will find Masalena, a wonderful cobble stoned area stretching from the city centre.Wonderfully described as possibly being like “the boyfriend or girlfriend you couldn’t bring home to your mother” all human life in Madrid can be found here. With graffiti, posters and street art on virtually every conceivable surface Malasana has an anarchic feel and atmosphere that tells you “this is the place to be at the right time of day”.

The trouble is as far as perennial party goers will tell you, in this part of Madrid it is sometimes party time all of the day.

Madrid has an old-fashioned appeal to it that goes beyond the chaotic and anarchic initial impressions. Peel back the flaking paint and go beyond the many tourists spots and you will find a city that you will fall in love with for many a year.

Madrid is not to be missed.

Spain – Madrid, Barcelona And Ibiza

Spain is the land of romance and amazing oddities. From bullfights to Gaudi to partying the night away on Ibiza, travelers could easily spend a year exploring Spain.


With a population of over three million, Madrid is a big, modern city in central Spain. The suburbs of Madrid are very modern and not particularly interesting. Make it to the center of the city, however, and you are in for a treat. Small alleys, hidden squares and odd little shops are the norm. In this center, you will find a vibrant public life with outdoor cafes literally overrun with the passionate and interesting people of Madrid. When visiting the city, keep in mind it is very hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter.


One of my favorite travel destinations, Barcelona is a costal city oozing charm. The city embodies all of the interesting little oddities of Spain with ancient streets where the local hobby is people watching. The city is also the home of best Gaudi architecture in Spain. Gaudi was either a genius or a madman, but there is no denying his architecture is unique. I would describe it as a mix between dripping candles and normal architecture. The big tourist attraction, of course, is the Sagrada Familia church, but better examples can be seen by just walking through neighborhoods. Yep, his work is throughout the city. The only downside to Barcelona is a trend of modernization. While modernization is generally okay, I think it is taking a bit away from the historic charm of Barcelona.


If you’re looking to sit on the beach all day and party the night away, Ibiza is the hottest spot in Europe. An island off the coast of Spain, Ibiza is the rare tourist spot where monstrous tourist hotels don’t dominate. Instead, you’ll find yourself staying in rented rooms, little hotels and hostels in Ibiza Town. During the days, it’s all about enjoying the beaches. At night, the bars and clubs of the island are world famous and they never really seem to close. Bring plenty of aspirin!

If you’re going to visit Spain, you can’t really go wrong. If time is short, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza are three spots worth seeing.