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Ways to travel cheap or free

Traveling around the world on $25 a day may seem like the impossible dream but, with hard effort and determination, you just might have the time of your life.

the world has so much to offer, only at times, the world can seem so far away – not to mention expensive. Leaving home to travel is an amazing experience and you shouldn’t let a trivial thing like having little or no money get in your way (money, pfft, who needs it?).

Now, if you’re on a budget so low that an ant couldn’t limbo under it, you are somewhat restricted when it comes to picking a destination. Getting there can be the single, one-off, most expensive cost in your budget.

The simple answer, don’t go anywhere. Seriously, consider a vacation within your own country, your own state even. Do the touristy things and discover more about the place you live in. I often speak to people who want to travel halfway around the world to ‘escape’ and see something new, but they could just do that by going to a close-by major city, or into rural areas.

If you do have your heart set on a big trip, then use the net to find the cheapest fare. Be flexible about when you leave and which airport you fly into – London and Paris are often cheaper to fly to than Berlin or Madrid. If you want to travel further once you reach your destination, look for cheap budget airfare, bustrips or train rides. Also pick a destination with a good exchange rate, it will make your money stretch much further.

Once there your biggest costs will be food and accomodation. You can cut your accomodation costs to zero if you stay with friends or use the backpacker’s best kept secret….. drumroll please….. Couchsurfing is a website set up a bit like myspace where people offer a couch for intrepid travellers to stay the night. It’s a fantastic idea and a great way to add depth to your travel. Couch surfers are everywhere, from New Zealand to Spain, Brazil to South Africa. You’ll meet new people who can show you the sites and take you off the beaten track. The idea is that when you return home (if you can ever bring youself to leave) you return the favour, not necesarrily to your host, but to any couchsurfer that has the good-fortune to find you as their host.

If you’re willing to carry a tent then you can save lots of money camping. Of course, reasonably cheap hostels are easy to find in every major city, just make sure you book ahead.

Money can be saved on food if you eat where the locals eat, which generally means getting away from the overpriced tourisy plaves. Soupermarkets can also provide a cheap feed or even dinner if you’re staying in a hostel with a kitchen (many have them).

Compete with yourself or any travel partners to see who can spend the least money – but remember, if you have the cash and you just know you’ll regret not going up the Eiffel Tower or taking a ride to the top of the Alps, then for your own sake just do it!

Good luck on your travels, and good luck pushing that dollar further.

Flights Worldwide – Madrid Paris Flights

A flight in Madrid and Paris is one of the dream destinations of everyone who wishes to visit Europe. These two destinations are among the sought after flights among many of the vacationers and travelers all over the glove. The Madrid Paris flights are considered among the major flights everyday in major airports in the US and Europe. Both Madrid and Paris are not only go-to destinations of the wealthy but all those who love to see developments, fashion and modern culture.

Since Madrid Paris flights are among the most scheduled flights all year round by businessmen, families and women you can also find many available airlines going to these places. There are the so-called cheap flights as well as traditional flights of bigger airline companies. There are also many travel agencies serving the flights for Madrid and Paris offer good flight offers for interested passengers. The offers usually take place during summer so that agencies can invite more people to visit Madrid and Paris and enjoy the modern attractions as well as the government-and private company-established attractions. Tourism industry between these great cities of the world is really amazing.

If you want to avail first of the Madrid flights offer you can easily apply at any travel agency in your locality and maybe browsed the internet for additional information. Madrid, Spain is one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. In fact, it’s the largest and the capital city of the country. The European Union also recorded Madrid as the third largest city just like Berlin and London. The set of government of the country is settled in Madrid that makes it the busiest city in all of the country. The largest international airport in Spain is also located in Madrid. This means the economic activity in this city is very fast with the major Spanish companies located in Madrid. It is estimated that Madrid alone has a total population of 3.2 million based on the 2005 survey while the urban areas of the country has 5.1 million people. Paris flights are also as fast as Madrid since Paris is also the capital city of France. However, the total population of Paris is only more than two million as compared to Madrid. This means the economic activity in the center of Madrid is more active than Paris. In the other hand the whole urban areas of Paris has also a total population of more than nine million which means more than the 5 million urban areas of Madrid.

Spain Is Full Of Rich Culture And Tradition

Spain is amazing tourist destination for almost anyone. Whether you are a family taking a trip together, a retired couple getting away from your hometown, or a young couple honeymooning you will find the attractions to suit your tastes. You can visit the hot cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Benidorm, Murcia, and Valencia. Spanish cities will provide you with the best in shopping, museums, nightlife, and dining. Almost anything you would want in a major city, you will find in a Spanish city. Enjoy diverse Spanish culture as you sample local food such as Paella and other specialties. When you rent a car, you can explore more of the countryside and really get a good idea of life in a Spanish village. If you are a nature enthusiast then you can opt for a beach or a mountain vacation. The enormous Spanish coastline has enough beaches to keep you content for days at a time. If you enjoy hiking then the Pyrnees will be the perfect spot for you to hike or camp. No matter what time of year you visit Spain, you’ll be glad you came.

When you come to Spain, the culture and history should be at the forefront of yoru experience. Experience the hundreds of years of rich culture that Spain has to offer. From the Moors to the modern day, Spain is ripe with architecture and culture. You will be astounded by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This magnificent church is still being built, but was designed and begun by famed architect Antonio Gaudi. If you travel to other areas of Spain you are sure to see ruins left from Roman times. These show the rich and diverse history of Spain. Also make sure to see the Moorish ruins that dot the coast of Spain. These show the legacy of Islam in Spain and are a sight to behold in this modern nation. No matter what your historical interest, you are sure to find something that catches your fancy. If you are an art lover, than make sure to check out the wide array of art that is found in Spain. Spain is the home of the famed Pablo Picasso and seeing his Guernica in Madrid is certainly a highlight of any Spanish vacation. If you are more of a shopper, than no fear Barcelona has your needs met. Check out the hottest in Spanish clothing and shoe designs in Barcelona.

If you are on a budget, you can still make Spain an affordable place to visit. Start by coming in the off-season, such as the winter. If you travel in the winter the hotel and airfare will be cheaper, but you will still have great mild weather. Once you are ready to book your tickets and accommodations, get online for all your needs. You can find great deals on airfares and hotel rooms by simply browsing the Internet from the comfort of your home. Rent a car to save money and time traveling around the country. If you are going with a large group this is definitely the way to go. You can be sure that there are accommodations for any budget. You’ll have a great time in Spain no matter when you come or what you do! So get online today and get on a plane to Spain tommorow.

Festivals And Flamenco In Madrid

Madrid, as the capital city of Spain has much to offer tourists. Culture and beauty, as well as music and dancing all add to the excitement that can be found in this colorful city.

El Rastro is an area that contains a large outdoor market. It is a colorful area that has become a major attraction for tourists. Even if you do not plan to buy anything, it is worth visiting this area. Madrid is home to many worthwhile museums. Make sure to visit the Prado Museum which contains many temporary and permanent art displays by artists such as Goya, Rubens and Murillo. The Reina Sofia Art Museum is home to works by famous artists such as Picasso, Dali and Miro.

The Palacio Real is the official residence of the Royal family. It is only used for state occasions and is otherwise open to the public. You can visit its huge courtyard or its lavish halls, the throne room, the Royal Armory or the residential areas. Madrid has been recognized by UNESCO for some of its attractions. These include the monastery and royal site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the university and its surroundings at Alcala de Henares and the landscaped area of Aranjuez.

For a relaxing stop in the middle of the city, make sure to visit Retiro Park. It was once a palace garden and you can see evidence of this in its majestic fountains and beautiful leafy walks. It also contains a boating lake. You can find Punch and Judy shows, a number of stalls and musicians playing music to the passing crowds.

Madrid hosts many festivals each year. The most popular of these are the festival of St Bartolome, the Fair of Motin, the festival of Our Lady of Carmen, the festival of Maya and the procession of the Virgen de la Sol. The Fiesta of the Bulls is common to all communities in the area. Madrid is also known as the home of Flamenco and it is alive with dancing.

In Madrid, you can be sure to find a range of holiday accommodation options. The city is full of hotels, hostels, hostals, aparthotels and self-catering rental apartments. Aparthotels are a cross between a hotel and an apartment. In fact, they are apartments that are located within the hotel complex. They provide extra space and privacy with some, but not all of the amenities of a hotel. These are ideal for families. A self-catering apartment is also a good choice for families or groups, especially if you will be in Madrid for more than a few days. These also provide more space and freedom than a hotel.

Youth hostels have shared dormitories and are good options for those traveling on a budget. They may also offer group or family rooms. Hostals (not to be confused with hostels) are similar to guesthouses. They are similar to small hotels in that you have your own room, but they do not offer the amenities that hotels do. They may have shared bathrooms.

A Whistlestop Tour of Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a modern, world-class, but also historic city – the capital of Spain – located almost centrally in the heart of the country. A contrast of old and new, Madrid is a beautiful and vibrant city with great architectural interest. You might find the drive into the city a bit boring with its suburbs of concrete apartment blocks, but once in the centre, you will enjoy the traditional streets, with medieval buildings and some narrow and very atmospheric alleys, containing shops and bars.

The old quarter has a concentration of magnificent attractions including the Prado Museum with its great art collection, as well as the Reina Sofia and Thysssen-Bornemisza galleries, displaying Picasso and many other European and American masters.

The people of Madrid are among the great attractions of the city. Commonly known as the “Madrileños” they can be seen relaxing in the traditional cafes and cars, at the Sunday El Rastro flea market, and also late into the night at the many bars and nightclubs of Madrid.

For shopping, Madrid is a shopper’s paradise, including the classy and expensive shops of the Salamanca Quarter. For those on a more modest budget, the El Rastro flea market is highly recommended.

Other attractions include:

Parque del Buen Retiro (Park of the Pleasant Retreat) – a lovely green and leafy oasis in the heart of the city including a lake where rowing boats can be hired. There are also wonderful puppet shows for the children in the park.

Temple of Debod – an ancient Egyptian temple which has been rebuilt in Madrid. The temple was originally built in southern Egypt, close to the first cataract of the Nile and is dedicated to the goddess Isis, in Philae. Due to the construction of the Great Dam of Aswan In 1960, and the subsequent threat it posed to certain monuments and archaeological sites, UNESCO made an international call to save this rich historical patrimony. As a sign of gratitude for the help provided by Spain in saving the temples of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian state donated the temple to Spain in 1968.

The Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) which has the world’s finest stage and acoustic settings for opera.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – home to Real Madrid – is a must visit for football fans.

The city has many relaxing plazas with beautiful sculptures, including the Plaza de Cibeles with its magical fountain and the Plaza Mayor, a lovely place for strolling, feeding the pigeons and enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes.

Weather in Madrid: Freezing cold in winter, and boiling hot in summer! Recommended seasons for visiting this fascinating city are Spring and Autumn, when you can stroll around the city and enjoy its many pleasures in comfort.

Transport – with the versatile metro and bus transport systems, plus convenient taxis that can be hailed in the street, you will have no problems getting around Madrid.

In conclusion, Madrid is among the world’s most popular destination cities and is well worth the visit.

Tips for traveling by train in Europe

Europeans already know how to travel by train across the continent, so I will direct my remarks at Americans, who may be less familiar with the system. Here are a few thoughts.

First, European countries are fairly small, and so it’s quite feasible to travel widely by train. It’s definitely the way to go for a tourist, because it’s much cheaper than renting a car or flying. And the vast majority of train stations are in central parts of town and have helpful people on-site to help you find your way when you arrive. I also like that a train gives you time to relax, write letters, and also to read about the next places you are visiting. You can’t do those things while driving, and it’s harder to do them in the hustle-bustle of an airport.

Second, there are fabulous train schedule books (and online services) available. This makes it easy and fun to plan your itinerary, and even to change it as your interests evolve. You can literally sit down with a railroad schedule and map out where you want to go, and be confident you will get there. This is also due to the fact that the trains mostly run on time. Not always, by any means. But pretty much all the time.

The most fun thing to do is to purchase a pass that enables you to use most trains at most times of day and the week. Passes can be for as little as a week and as much as several months. Some passes are for “coach” service, and some are upgraded. Each pass has some restrictions, but they are pretty minimal. The benefit is that you have this incredible flexibility, and you don’t find yourself agonizing over the cost of another train ride. You’ve already bought the pass, and you just go for it. If you don’t like where you are, you just get on a train (or boat or ferry), and go somewhere else.

Third, sleeper cars are a nice option, if you are not too selective about accommodations. The benefit is that you travel while you are asleep. I’ve gone from central Germany to Rome overnight, for example. Nothing like boarding a train on a dreary, drizzling afternoon in Cologne, and leaving a train in sunny Rome the next afternoon. It’s like boarding a plane in Minneapolis in November and arriving in Miami Beach; you are just shocked by the sun and warmth, and you are immediately invigorated.

Fourth, America has become much more sensitive about public smoking than Europe. So be prepared to smell a lot more smoke on a train than you would pretty much anywhere in the US. Seriously, a train in Europe is like a bar in the US. This is getting better, but it’s far from fixed. Even a no-smoking car has smokers walking through it, or you might have someone reeking of smoke who sits next to you. It’s just something you have to accept.

Finally, I like the train system because you have a chance to meet people. You can also get great travel tips. You’ll be on your way to Madrid, and you will be sitting across the aisle from someone who spots you as a tourist. They will tell you about a great restaurant across the street from a lovely park in Madrid that you wouldn’t have known about any other way. Even more importantly, you can learn about them and their societies – and isn’t that the point of traveling?

Spain’s Real Madrid Club De Futbol

Ask people who aren’t sports fans about Real Madrid and Spain and they are likely to make the assumption that you are looking for tourist information – places to grab a bite to eat as if you were a local. However, when you’re talking with fans of football – or futbal or soccer if you are in the United States – when you bring up Spain’s Real Madrid, they are going to know that you are talking about the Real Madrid Club de Futbol – a football club that got its start in Madrid in 1902.

Not only did Spain’s Real Madrid get its start in 1902, but the soccer organization was a big part of the soccer organization FIFA. They were voted by the Federation Internationale de Football Association – though the organization has since disbanded and regrouped as the European Club Association – as the more successful soccer team of the twentieth century. In part, this is because Spain’s Real Madrid has one 31 La Liga titles – a record for the league – along as nine European Cup titles, and seventeen Copa del Rey titles. The team holds a record for scoring 85 points in a single season.

Of course, the successes that they have had as a team show that Real Madrid is not just any other European soccer organization. Unlike most of the other futbal clubs in Europe, Spain’s Real Madrid is and has always been owned and operated by the players of the club. Real Madrid has a large fan base, has many long-standing rivalries that lead to spirited matches. Of all of the clubs in the European soccer league, Spain’s Real Madrid has the greatest revenue and, based on the revenue and standings, Real Madrid is considered to be among the most valuable teams in soccer.

Much of the revenue brought in by Spain’s Real Madrid is the result of ticket sales at the team’s home stadium – the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. The stadium is estimated to seat, on average, 65,000 fans per game, and many of the seats are filled by season ticket holders. While this number is consistent, the reality is that attendance still swells when Real Madrid takes on their many rivals and top competitors including another of Spain’s soccer teams, FC Barcelona.

Spain’s Real Madrid team members are committed to their sport – something that shows through with the fans’ enthusiasm, the number of titles that the team has achieved, games played within Spain and Europe and even on the world soccer circuit. In addition to players on Spain’s real Madrid team, coaches and club presidents have shown a vast commitment to the sport and to the team – as, of course, have the fans throughout the years.

While those who take a simple look at the way Spain’s Real Madrid has played during the past few years may not see the depths of their successes, the reality is that Real Madrid will go down as one of the most successful teams in futbol and looks to remain strong for years to come.