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The most popular travel destinations in the world

Every country is beautiful in its own manner and is really worth visiting, but there are some countries that attract much more tourists than others.
There is the list of the 5 of the most visited countries of the last several years
1) France (76.7 million visitors a year)
2) Spain (51.7 million visitors)
3) U.S. (41.9 million visitors)
4) Italy (39.8 million visitors)
5) China (36.8 million visitors)

This is the data of 1998
1) France (70 million visitors)
2) Spain (47,7 million visitors)
3) United States (47 million visitors)
4) Italy (34,8 million visitors)
5) United Kingdom (25,4 million visitors)

The top 4 has remained the same since the end of the last century, but fast developing and becoming more and more popular China replaced the United Kingdom on the fifth place. You can also see that china is going to overcome Italy in amount of tourists. You can also see that the total amount of tourists has increased – people became to travel more.
So, the most popular country with a big odds given is France. Without any doubt the most famous and popular city in France is Paris. It receives a huge amount of visitors any season. In summer the whole Cote d’Azur with Nice and Cannes becomes the most fashionable and prestigious beach resort.
Spain, mostly visited in summer is also very popular beach destination with its resorts of Costa Brave, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol. Spanish islands – Canaries and Balearics also attract millions. Barcelona and Madrid are on the top of the list of the most visited Spanish cities.
United States have the third place with the significant number of tourists, but mostly they are Americans. New York is the most visited by tourists city and Florida and California are known for their beach resorts.
Italy, full of ancient attractions and sea resorts is also among the leaders. Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence – everybody knows these symbols of Italian bloom and the tourist stream never exhausts.
Among other popular travel destinations we can name Thailand, although after tsunami it suffered a lot of problems. Now it begins to rise again. According to some questionings it is named the best place for swimming and beach rest.
These are the destinations popular worldwide. However every country has its own favorites. For example, it’s known that Americans prefer to spend their holidays in Mexico, many French like to visit Martinique and so on.
In conclusion I can say that nothing threatens France’s leadership in the list of the most popular countries but people open new, exotic destinations which popularity is growing up.

Guest Houses, Inns and Hotels in Northern Spain

Northern Spain and Galicia offer an exceptional variety of visitor accommodation. Accommodation can be found that will fit all forms of budgets and even the most particular tourists will find something to suit their particular needs.

If it is luxury that you are after then the best advice should be to head straight for the exclusive hotels and “Paradors” but to be honest even the basic family “casas rurales” are extremely good value for money. The region is dotted with mountain refuges with stunning views not to mention that in the coastal areas you can find quite a few campsites.

As expected the hotels in Galicia and Northern Spain are extremely spacious very clean and comfortable. The hotels are awarded between one and five stars and these are allocated by the local tourist Authority. If you need actual visible proof of the standard of your hotel you can find confirmation indicated by a small blue plaque near the hotel front door.

Hotels usually have en-suite bathrooms or at least a shower in the room. Hostels and “Pensions” usually do not have en-suite facilities and have fewer comforts than hotels so as to be expected are slightly cheaper.

Spain’s star rating system reflects the number and range of facilities available rather than the quality of service one star is given to the most modest hotels and five stars to the most elegant and expensive ones. The more exclusive hotels offer all kinds of extra facilities, such as air conditioning, on-site parking, internet-access and rooms with televisions as well as facilities for the disabled.

Two or three star hotels are the most popular in this region and their rates vary on the season or time of year that you stay there. In some cases the hostels (hostales) and guest houses are more popular in this region primarily because they are cheaper. These are usually small family-run establishments offering just a few beds.

It is estimated that there are approximately 92,000 registered beds in this territory, described as “Green Spain” and there are in excess of 1500 hotels.

Grupo Sol-Melia and NH are the biggest chain of hotels in the area. The quality of these hotels is extremely good. There are a growing number of small privately run hotels that have quite distinctive character and charm and can also provide a quite relaxing and memorable stay.

Throughout Spain you’ll find in key areas tourist accommodation known as Parador’s. Paradors are between three to five stars in accommodation standard. There is now quite a wide network of Paradors throughout the country, the first one opened in 1928. They are located close together so that there is never more than a day’s drive to the nearest one. In Santiago de Compostela you can find possibly the best known Parador in the area and this is the Parador de los Reyes Catolicos. Other Paradors can be found in Castles, Monasteries and various other monuments’. You will quite often find that there are a growing number of purpose built Paradors and these can quite often be found in either towns of historic interest or areas of spectacular scenery.

You can rely upon the Parador to deliver a consistently high level of comfort but it might not necessarily be the best hotel in town. The standard of each Parador is extremely consistent with comfortable and spacious bedrooms all furnished to the same high standard. Some also offer fine regional cuisine. It is usually wise to plan ahead and book your accommodation if you wish to use the network of Paradors. Paradors can be booked through the Central de Reservas in Madrid or by calling each Parador direct. As with most areas if you travel in the high season you will find accommodation can be quite expensive but if you are able to shop around you can quite often find special deals available.

Hotel reviews: Silken Puerta America, Madrid Spain

WIf you want to visit the wonderful city of Madrid and stay in true luxury, then the Silken Puerta America is the place to go. Great facilities, excellent location, friendly staff, and surprisngly reasonable prices if you “shop around” the Net for special deals.

Located about 2 minutes walk from Caragena metro station, the Hotel is in a quiet part of town, and yet the centre, with all it’s attractions, is just two metro stops away, and a return metro journey costs only 2 euros, which is less than 2.00. Compare that with the minimum 4.00 single on London’s Underground, to see what good value Madrid can be as a holiday destination.

From the outside, the Puerta America does not look anything special – just a high rise with some strange grafitti-style writing in many languages, all over the facade……… but step over the threshold into the large and airy Reception area, and you are in another world. Each of the floors of the Hotel has been individually designed by world-renowned designers, so each has it’s own unique style, and each room is different. Staying here is not your usual stay in a faceless Hotel were you could be anywhere in the world. Some rooms are all white (quite hard on the eyes after a heavy night out!), others all blue in a lovely relaxing style, some others predominantly red or black. It depends on what floor you are staying, and the corridors and lobbies of each floor mirror these same room styles, so that a trip up in the lift can become quite an experience, as each floor opens up into a new world. The Hotel are understandably proud of their unusual decor, and guests are invited to choose which floor and which desginer the wish to stay in, although obviously this is subject to availability at the timeof booking.

Once inside the rooms, they are large, airy and tastefully decorated, with flat screen Plasma TVs, wireless Internet connections, a large bath and/or shower, and extremely comfortable beds. The rooms are all spotlessly clean, quiet and well-serviced.

There is a large and spacious breakfast room on the 1st floor, serving continental and English breakfast in a buffet style. Or if you prefer you can take coffee and pastries on the ground floor, where there is a Bar/coffee lounge where you can relax and watch the world go by.

The Hotel makes a lot of money from company bookings/exhibitions and events, so sometimes the Lobby Area can become quite noisy and crowded – for example at break time durng a conference or meeting, when everyone pours out at the same time to get some fresh air, have a bathroom break, or go for a cigarette. However, apart from these times, everything is surprisingly quiet for such a large Hotel in such a large city, and the Reception staff are always happy to help and speak fluent English. The Business Centre is fairly pricy, but tere is a cheap Internet Cafe (charging1 euro for an hour’s Internetuse), jst 5 minutes walk from the Hotel, and also a selection of small shops and a supermarket sto cater for all your needs.

So all in all, a great Hotel, and a great experience for your next trip to Madridrite your article here

Travel to Europe – Book Cheap Plane Tickets

Run away from all the chains that bind you to a world full of monotony and gloom; and get ready to step into a vibrant world alive with fun and enjoyment. It is Europe we are talking about! Book cheap plane tickets to any destination in Europe and know the reason why most people love to travel to European cities.

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Berlin attracts you for recuperation, Amsterdam is set to steal your heart with its beauty, Paris lulls you towards its fashion industry and Prague flaunts its culture and tradition. How can we forget the rich heritage and art of Rome amid all this? All this and much more gift wrapped in cheap air fare just for a travel lover like you.

Travel smart and get the comprehensive information about all the cities in advance. Realize your dreams and set out on your dream trip. Low air fares and great international air travel packages welcome you. Plan your travel according to the season you love the most and give a chance to the websites to guide you through the travel high tides unscathed and save more on international plane tickets. Travel safe, fly high book cheap plane tickets now!

Travel experiences: Exploring our need for out of the ordinary places

When I was planning my trip to Spain I had tantalising visions of sultry flamenco dancers, eating tapas late at night in a taverna and drooling over a matador in his embroidered leotard at the bullfights. However, I was also intrigued by the underbelly of Spain and especially by the people in the rural regions. My husband and I drove north from Madrid heading to Euskadi Pais Vasco which is a secret little corner south of San Sebastian. Driving into the countryside we observed the stark difference in language and signage, it was a though we had had left Spain and entered a different country. In the heart of this region we stumbled upon an unknown jewel called Zumarraga, a backwater village planted on both sides of a winding river. Arriving at dusk we had no accommodation booked and therefore our pressing need was to find a place to bed down for the night. So with this in mind we strolled through the village to ask the locals where the nearest cheap accommodation was located. In the main square of the village was a curious little shop brimming with eclectic garments and artifacts from Tibet. The proprietor immediately pounced on my husband because he was wearing an acubra hat and became incredibly excited when she confirmed that we were indeed tourists from Australia. ‘What are you doing in this f….. place’, she asked with incredulity. Her name was Itzi and we quickly learned from our new friend that tourists didn’t venture into that part of Spain. Itzi directed us to the nearest accommodation but insisted we meet her at the tavern next to her shop in an hour. After booking our accommodation we wondered along the river back to the village centre and the tavern where we were greeted by a hundred of Itzi’s friends and relatives, including babies and dogs. Our presence had generated a swell of curiosity in the village and we were kissed and hugged by all. Liberal amounts of black wine were shouted at the bar as we squatted on the cobble stone street holding babies for photographs. A stage had been erected in the centre of the square and it’s backdrop was a canvas painted by Picasso. There was a large hollow drum in the centre of the stage that two men were beating in time. Itzi explained that the this type of drum was once used as a means of communication throughout the hillside villages. When we asked what the purpose of the gathering was for Itzi became a little secretive but hinted that we would soon find out. To our total amazement a stream of people led by several men carrying an enormous banner began marching toward the village square. They chanted and waved flags as they marched with resolve and determination in the honour of their league. They were the union of the Basque Separatist movement. My husband dived for our camera and jumped in front of the rally to take photos of this incredible event. In fear I cautioned him in case they disapproved. Itzi waved my misgivings away and encouraged him to document the march. Her words were, ‘we want the world to know that we are the Basque’. When the march was over, the leaders of the movement presented stirring speeches and later gathered in the square to drink and talk. My inquisitive husband needed to know more so he took his wine and stood with the men to discuss their objectives and the leading question was,did they believe they would gain independence. The answer was a resounding YES! My visit to Zumarrager will forever be firmly implanted in my mind with memories of the generous Basque who embraced us.

Accommodations In Spain Are Spartan And Splendid

Spain is a big, beautiful country that attracts many tourists every year because there are many great sights to see. The accommodations in Spain vary greatly so there are accommodations in Spain for those looking for luxury and those looking for a bargain. Spain has many great cities, beaches and villages, and the accommodations in Spain at these different locales will provide a home away from home for many tourists. Madrid is the largest city in Spain, and this beautiful city of often the place that most tourists begin their trip. There are many fine accommodations in Madrid that will provide comfort on many different budgets.

There are some wonderful five star hotels in Madrid, and these accommodations in Spain are expensive but luxurious. Many tourists can get some good deals on these fine hotels by making their arrangements through some kind of package tour. There are great small hotels throughout Madrid that are reasonably priced for those on a budget. These accommodations in Spain are usually very comfortable and located conveniently throughout the city. These smaller hotels often provide a place where tourists will feel welcome by the staff of the hotels.

Accommodations In Spain Are Modern And Ancient

Spain has some magnificent beaches, and the accommodations in Spain around the beaches are often designed for the informal lifestyle around the seaside. The beaches of Spain attract thousands of tourists every year, and there are many facilities for the tourists close to the beaches. Most of the tourists looking for a holiday in the sun make reservations for accommodations in close proximity to the beaches. Most of the people in charge of the beach accommodations cater to those who want a holiday in the sun.

The accommodations in the beach areas are often very modern, and these accommodations in Spain seem to increase constantly. Some of the accommodations in Spain are very old. Tourists often look for the older accommodations in Spain because they are looking for the flavor of the country and the culture. These accommodations often provide great insight into the past and present of this beautiful country at the same time. Spain welcomes people from all over the world every year because of the fascinating sights and events in this great country. Tourists can visit great museums, beautiful shops or a bull fight with colorful matadors. Many of the tourists who visit Spain return to see what they missed on their first trip.

Restaurants and Eating Out in Mexico City

Visitors to Mexico City can gorge themselves to their hearts’ content on the wide array of food choices. Food definitely ranks among the top on Mexico City’s long list of attractions. Districts particularly frequented by food lovers are Polanco, Condesa, Centro and Sante Fe, among many others.

The flaming appeal of Mexican food is known the world over, and Mexico City is an ideal place to experience first hand the scrumptious Mexican food, ranging from salsa dips, chilli, tacos, nachos and burritos. You have an endless list of Mexican restaurants to choose from. However, restaurants such as El Cardenal, Los Girasoles, Izote and Café Tacuba have been featured many times both locally and internationally for their tantalizing cuisine. Restaurants such as Hacienda de los Morales and Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan also offer interesting dining experiences as they are actually ranches which have been converted into restaurants.

For those who want a more heartland take on Mexican food, look out for the street hawkers, or Puestos, who also sell Mexican fare. These are equally tasty, however, do take note that the level of hygiene varies from hawker to hawker and should be something you look out for before purchasing your snack.

By far, Mexican food is not the only dining option you have. Mexico City features a commendable range of cuisine from all over the world, ensuring that you will be even more spoilt for choice when it comes to mealtime. The French and Spanish bakeries are very popular in Mexico City, featuring both French and Spanish type baked goodies as well as traditional Mexican pastries. El Globo and Panaderia Madrid are two such bakeries. With their wide range of freshly baked pastries and the comfortable smell of baking bread wafting through their shops, your mouth will water as soon as you step into one of their many outlets.

Asian food is another dining option that makes a welcome break from the traditional Mexican fare, while still retaining the spiciness and exotic nature of the local cuisine. There are many Asian food restaurants that offer tasty food options at reasonable prices. Chinese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Malay or Japanese… You name it and there will be a restaurant in Mexico City catering to it. The number of Asian restaurants in Mexico City has been increasing in recent years, so it should be no trouble finding one that suits what your palate is craving for at that moment in time.

You are certain to never find yourself hungry in Mexico City. If you do get abit tired of the local fare, then never fear, as there are many American fast-food options also available, such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King and many more. Truly, there really is something for everyone whatever their tastes and whatever time of the day or week it is.

Undercover Madrid Explored

Madrid as a capital city of a rapidly emerging and highly influential partner within the European Community deserves respect.

It is a wonderful city with highly fascinating people. The paradox with Madrid is that quite often it is viewed as being second to Barcelona in terms of appeal. Now I know Barcelona has the Cathedral, the Nou Camp Stadium and was the venue for the most recent Olympic Games to be held in Spain but to write Madrid off as Spain’s second city seems to miss the point completely.

Of course the Catalans may espouse Barcelona for its elegance and creativity but just because parts of Madrid might need the odd lick of paint here and there doesn’t mean that Madrid is any the less important or influential.

Madrid has very much the archetypal continental climate in that it has very cold winters and hot summers which means for those who don’t like extremes in temperatures the spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

Madrid has a great many attractions of which a royal palace, many grand public squares, three internationally renowned art galleries, and a great many museums filled with the treasures of the long and glorious history of Spain.

As a city the modern day Madrid that you see is very much the result of a very turbulent history. Madrid and Spain have been conquered and re conquered down throughout history a great many times and one of the great influences in Madrid is that of the North African influence of the Moors. This is reflected in the area of La Latina.

La Latina is an area of Madrid quite often overlooked by the majority of tourists and visitors but it is home to the Plaza la Paja which was Madrid’s main square during medieval times.

the decline of the Moorish influence in Spain meant that this part of Madrid became known as a moreria otherwise known as an enclosed ghetto where Muslims live. Memories of days gone by can still be found in some of the rich place names found here. As in most international cities with these types of areas, it is at night time that they truly come alive.

Don’t let the slightly grubby appearance from time to time and the general down at heel atmosphere confuse you this is an international capital city with all that that entails. Mention this to the madrilenos and all they will likely do is shrug, sigh and suggest that there are more important things in life worth bothering about?”

Who is to say they are wrong?

North of the city you will find Masalena, a wonderful cobble stoned area stretching from the city centre. This is a fabulous part of Madrid once described as being like the girlfriend or boyfriend you couldn’t bring home to your mother. With graffiti, posters and street art on virtually every conceivable surface Malasana has an anarchic feel and atmosphere that tells you “this is the place to be at the right time of day”.

The trouble is as far as perennial party goers will tell you, in this part of Madrid it is sometimes party time all of the day.

There is an awful lot more to Madrid that initial impressions would indicate. Dig slightly deeper, look underneath the stones and beyond the flaking paint and you will embark upon a love affair with a city that will last for many a year.

You will lose a lot if you miss Madrid.

Symptoms and treatment of anorexia

The banning of anorexic models at major fashion events in Madrid and Milan recently has sparked off another round of speculation about eating disorders.

Some people see anorexia as a lifestyle choice. Pro-anorexia is a standpoint which says that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies. Pro-anorexia internet sites provide forums for thousands of people to give each other support and solidarity, not to help them get better, but to continue starving themselves. After all, they say, people can drink alcohol; eat themselves into obesity; have plastic surgery and tattoos, without being seen as mentally ill.

This is a worrying trend because anorexia eating disorders are very dangerous. There are around 1 million male anorexics and 7 million females in America at the moment. Most of these are between the age of 16 and 20. Anorexia contributes a massive 20% of the deaths attributed to psychological disorders. Untreated, anorexic conditions have a death rate which is 12 times higher than the normal death rate amongst women. Amongst sufferers who get treatment, this death rate goes down from around 20% to only 2-3%.

Because the group most at-risk of becoming anorexic are teenage girls, popular psychology has it that they become anorexic because they want to live up to the standards of ‘beauty’ presented by models.

The truth is much more complex than this. In reality people become anorexic because they feel it is the only way of exerting control over their lives and themselves. The control becomes obsessive, the need to continue to lose weight imperative. For most anorexics, to gain weight is to fail. When self-esteem becomes completely tied to losing weight, the situation becomes dangerous.

The common symptoms of anorexia nervosa are fairly obvious if you are looking for them, but anorexics are good at hiding what they are doing. The classic signs are: sudden weight loss, wearing lots of clothes, even in warm weather, excessive amounts of exercise; obsessive calorie counting, and food hiding. Anorexics will do anything to keep the calories off their bones, and to keep people from finding out what they are doing. Anorexics will purge by making themselves vomit, taking laxatives, and drinking huge amounts of water.

With bulimia nervosa, the profile is different. Here the sufferer will feel compelled to binge eat, then will make themselves vomit out of fear of getting fat. It is hard to spot a bulimic, they don’t usually advertise the fact. If you are concerned about someone, you need to watch whether they have a tendency to disappear for a time after a meal.

The first port of call for suspected anorexics would ideally be a doctor. This is not always an easy step. Help lines and internet forums can provide some of the support and encouragement needed to take those first steps.

A doctor will make an assessment based on BMI (body mass index) and blood chemistry, but he will also look into what factors may have triggered the illness. He will then be able to refer the sufferer to the appropriate therapist.

Anorexia treatment consists mainly of cognitive and behavioral therapies which help the sufferer get into healthier patterns of both thought and eating.

More rarely, the condition becomes so severe that the patient may have to go into hospital for more intensive therapy and even medical interventions such as tube-feeding. For most, once they become actively involved in their treatment, the prognosis is good.

Hotel Accommodations In Spain

Spain Holiday Hotels

A Spain holiday can offer you many Exciting cities to discover like Barcelona and Madrid where you will be dazzled by the wonderful structural design of Gaudi with their unusual sculptures, famous museums such as the Picasso Museum , fantastic boutiques, restaurants and bars emplaced in wonderful scenery accompanied with a fantastic weather. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that offers glamour in true Spanish style, it has a remarkable collection of museums, galleries, beautiful gardens, and it is also the place with the world’s largest bullring, the “Plaza de Toros Monumental de las Ventas”, which is considered the best place to assist to a bull fight. Another great Spain holiday destination is Valencia . Valencia is Spanish third largest city, the structure of a typical Spanish dish, the “paella”; Valencia is also blessed with great weather, fine sand, crystalline clear waters and a special charm that seaside Spanish towns use to have. Valencia also offers the spring festival of “Las Fallas”, one of the most traditional parties in the country. Thus, this region offers culture, cinema, theatre, museums, music, fine cooking and outstanding nightlife.

We are confident that you will agree that Spain can offer something specific for the taste of everyone. We have a highly specialized staff that can offer you great deals when booking your holydays in Spain. We can arrange accommodation all of that with the easiest way for you.

Spain Weather :

Spain , with a population 40.5 million, has been since long time a Favourite tourist destination. A large number of visitors escape every year from the rough local winter for some glorious sunshine (temperatures ranging from 18C – 36C), blue seas and golden sand; but Spain is much more than beaches of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Spain Attractions:

Spain, a country of contrasts … Discover Spain through a variety of themes, cultural and touristical information, the gastronomy, wines, World Heritage Cities and spend yours holidays in one of our Enjoyable hotels. You will find a wide variety of Hotels and lodgings in Spain.

Top city Hotels in Spain:

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